Meet Luca Tóth, a Furiosly Talented Animation Director
luca tóth animation cannes

Meet Luca Tóth, a Furiosly Talented Animation Director

Luca Tóth is a special one. She is a workaholic professional and an uncompromising talent who competed with her short animations in top festivals . She is also known for the political and satirical web-series called Oligarchy. Her graduation film, The Age of Curious (2013), has received a number of awards including Jury Distinction at Annecy International Film Festival. Superbia (2016) premiered at the Critics Week in Cannes. Mr Mare (2019) premiered in the Berlinale Competition.

Your biggest mistake?

My workaholism is the mistake that has cost me the most so far. When I’ve got the idea for a new film, there is no rest, I work on it maniacally. It has taken a lot of practice to make myself slow down so that I can have a better work-life balance. This change has improved the quality of my films too, but I’m sure there is a lot more room for improvement here!

Why animation?

At a young age right out of high school I found animation to be the most exciting, challenging yet comfortable field to discover. It gave me a chance to rule; create universes, characters and narratives without having to prove my authority. I think this is a very big difference between film and animation education. In the last ten years of doing animation I could define my own strength in my own pace. As a young woman I wasn't conditioned to be comfortable in the director's role but throughout the years animation proved to be a safe space for me in which I could grow.

What was the first film that made you say "wow"?

Probably Alice in Wonderland when I was a child. It haunted me for quite some time afterwards as well. As an adult I was utterly speechless for two hours after watching The Act of Killing.

Film of your choice for a first date?

I would say “Don't go to the cinema on the first date”! But if you must – watch a conversation starter like The Square by Ruben Östlund.

Film of your choice for a quiet night in on your own?

I like watching Netflix documentaries when I'm alone. Making a murderer or The Keepers are series that I’ve watched two or three times already.

What comes to mind when you hear the word "Cannes"?

Cannes was the first A-list festival that I had competed in, and as such I'm still quite emotional about it. It helped me on my way, not just by gaining connections and opportunities but most importantly it made me feel that I'm not an idiot for wanting to be an animation director.

North or South?

Hm, I don't know. I prefer cold weather. 

Your secret crush?

I have many secret crushes but I guess this question supposed to be about films… My one and only secret crush is Frank Henenlotter, I especially loved his 1988 movie, Brain Damage.

Jarmusch or Tarantino?

That's a hard question. I guess Tarantino stands a tiny bit closer to my heart. His movies always seem very playfully made to me, not to mention his editing and camera positioning which often feel like a shout out to animators. 

Superbia from Luca Toth on Vimeo.

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