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Your guide trough the festival universe

Film Moon is designed to be the largest, easy-to-use platform for the film festival business with its database and additional services.

Festivals and films can register themselves to showcase fresh information, such as screenings, awards or any important news.

The success of an up-to-date database depends on the activity of its users, so to get started we ask you to disclose any relevant data of your film or festival in order to build Film Moon together.

If you want to know who we are and why we created Film Moon, read our Manifesto!

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What can filmmakers do on Film Moon?

Film Moon is the first dedicated place on the internet where filmmakers can collect and share their festival awards and appearances.

Now you can register your film(s) in 2 easy steps. 1. Create your personal account on Film Moon. 2. Register your film with its basic details. You can also add more details, which provide you advantages after launching additional pro services of Film Moon.

We have over 10,000 festivals (and counting) with extensive data featured in our database. Our algorithm correlates your preferences and your film’s specifics with the festivals’ finely-tuned data in order to provide you with the most relevant festival options.

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What can festivals do on Film Moon?

Film Moon is a platform where festivals can highlight themselves and show their new freshly discovered talents.

There is a great chance that you find your festival’s basic info on the website. If so, you can easily claim ownership of it – after a short registration process.

If your festival is not listed on Film Moon yet, you can create it after your personal registration. The more info you provide, the bigger your festival’s visibility.

There are many upcoming features in the pipeline, which will help festivals to find better content and more recognition.

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