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We created Film Moon to connect the industry, create a platform that was long overdue and close the gap between festivals & films.

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Have you ever wondered how many film festivals are there in the world? In fact, nobody knows the exact number, but it is way more than you think.

We love films and festivals more than anything. This is why we created Film Moon, a platform that guides you through the film festival universe.

Film Moon is meant to be the first ultimate database of film festivals to show detailed and validated information on festival data, such as programme, audience, awards. Film Moon will draw the map of festivals, showing the place and significance of each film event around the globe. It is clearly beneficial for festivals to highlight themselves.

Moreover, directors, producers can use Film Moon as a guide designing the festival route for their artworks. With its ever-expanding database, filmmakers can browse through the relevant events. Additional features will be introduced soon to make Film Moon even more useful for them. Until then, it is worth checking out our tips and tricks, infographics and stories which help to understand the ever-changing world of film festivals.

Festival awards represent the most important highlights of a filmmaker's career, so it was about time to create a space for them where these recognitions are showcased properly. Film Moon is the first platform designed to help directors build their festival portfolio: all their appearances, awards can be registered to promote their professional pedigree.

We love films and festivals. This is why we created Film Moon, which can follow and shine light upon them.

We hope you will enjoy Film Moon, and your first tour will be just the beginning of a beautiful friendship. Get connected and be over the Moon - subscribe to our newsletter and find us on your favourite social media platform!


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